Airlock Confessions

Just when I’ve convinced myself there’s no way all that’s going to flush down without this toilet getting backed up and overflowing… the plumbing gods accept the challenge without hesitation, without much fanfare but with a boisterous roar… Read More

Two Truths and a Lie

If you came here looking for a party, then you’re in luck. I’m cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs and       I           hate             mucus     so… Read More

Starbucks Girl

Starbucks girl: “So is it Brendan or Brandon?” Me: “Brandon…like in 90210” Starbucks girl: “What do you mean?” …Getting  old  sucks!

The Gleaming Crest

Purchase “The Gleaming Crest” on Amazon “The Gleaming Crest,” a recently unearthed book of poems I wrote in 1995, is now available on Amazon. At only about 35 pages, its fairly short. Basically it’s a chapbook. The book… Read More

Zap! Friday

Zap! Friday By Brandon Adamson The customer is always right? Wrong. The customer is usually a pest Wouldn’t it be great if on Black Friday, department stores were transformed into giant bug zappers? The swarms of unsuspecting critters… Read More