Airlock Confessions

Just when I’ve convinced myself
there’s no way all that’s going to flush down without
this toilet getting backed up and overflowing…
the plumbing gods accept the challenge without hesitation,
without much fanfare but
with a boisterous roar and
I’m proven wrong.

I’m always impressed when
a public toilet flushes with
a force rivaling the
opening of a spaceship’s airlock

If only Sears had applied the
same attentive zeal and resources
they summoned to secure these Herculean
porcelain demigods
(and with equal intensity)
toward improving their actual business model,
the company might not have gone out of business.
Instead they’ve managed to flush themselves,
with plenty of help.

Brandon Adamson is a writer who lives in Phoenix, Arizona and is the author of several books of poetry.