Quantum Boomer – A Look Back At Quantum Leap

In Defense of Disco // A Doctrine

“DISCO SUCKS” T-SHIRT . . . you’ve seen it before, I’m sure. Do you notice the utter INHUMANITY IMPLODED in that disgrace of a statement? Four-scores-and-seven-eightballs ago, Disco was the forefront of a NEW HERMETIC TRADITION ROOTED IN HEDONISM and VITALITY THROUGH SEXUAL YOGA . . . the gyrating HIPS of the young Disco-goer symbolize […]

Elevated Anxieties

They couldn’t quite put their finger on what exactly was different as they hopped on, but something seemed off about the elevator the young couple had ridden up to their 10th floor highrise apartment a zillion times before. Their abstract hunch would quickly give way to concrete tangibility, accompanied by horror. Operating at an uncomfortably […]

The Platinum Plated Toilet

The video appears to have been filmed at the Louvre Museum. It features a lot of Renaissance paintings in the background, such as the Mona Lisa. I don’t recognize many of the other paintings by name, but I did notice the well-known Hellenistic sculpture called “Winged Victory of Samothrace,” which makes frequent appearances throughout the […]

Airlock Confessions

Just when I’ve convinced myself there’s no way all that’s going to flush down without this toilet getting backed up and overflowing… the plumbing gods accept the challenge without hesitation, without much fanfare but with a boisterous roar and I’m proven wrong. I’m always impressed when a public toilet flushes with a force rivaling the […]